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WildChild’s House Rules

Welcome to Wildchild the Original Hellrazers. This is an adult social network for adults to be adults without judgement or infringing on the innocent [minors]  and say it like you want to say it and view mature content unlike other social networks. You must be 18 or of legal age wherever you live in order to join. No child pornography, pedophilia, bestiality, offers or solicitation or making of appointments for prostitution, depiction of sexual acts or of simulated sex acts or snuff films allowed nor threats or bullying permitted.  Nor is this intended as a dating site as such.  All races and gender choices and combinations of partners are respected here.  Please enjoy yourselves, make friends, watch television, movies or videos, listen to music, listen to or read interviews  and chat live or video chat and generally get with the party and become part of the ‘show’.  Please respect others and if you are offended by someone’s post or page, as long as they are within these guidelines, then this network may simply not be for you. Message to management to discuss any situation further in case of omissions from the rules.  We are attempting to be clear and fair without being legalistic or hiring a team of lawyers.  Decisions of the management are final.  If you choose to sue us over a disagreement, you will quickly find that you are attempting to get blood out of a turnip.  Learn to live together and respect one another in peace, freedom, harmony and happiness.  If this goal is not for you, then please go elsewhere without causing trouble.  It is our intent for the rights and freedoms of members here to express themselves as adults, modeling, playboy type photography, nude modeling, nude or exotic dancing, general social nudity (but excluding all minors), mature content videos, films and shows are welcomed and permitted.  Enjoy!!!  WildChild the Original ChainLady.

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